Monday, January 25, 2016

My Week on Instagram #14

I've been posting "My Week on Instagram" posts every Monday, so that's what we're doing today! I didn't post much this week, but here's the behind the scenes of everything I did!

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Monday 1/18

Monday was my first real day back in Reno, but I didn't have school because of MLK day. I had (and still have) a ton of pictures from Hawaii that I wanted to post! This was taken from lunch with a couple of my friends. It was an acai bowl and a green juice from this amazing place called Salted Lemon. I reviewed it on my travel blog, so if you'd like to hear about it, click here!

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Thursday 1/21
This was another one of those pictures from Hawaii that I wanted to post! My mom took this picture when we were walking along the beach one morning. I was holding my sister's dress up because the waves were slightly higher than usual and she didn't want it to get wet!

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Saturday 1/23
My dad was in town Friday afternoon and all of Saturday, so we decided to go to a Reno Bighorns basketball game Saturday night. It was pretty empty, but we had really amazing seats. After halftime the two guys sitting next to me left and the mascot sat down next to me. It was so funny and I needed to get a picture! The game was pretty good (although Reno won by a lot), but the mascot was definitely the highlight of everything!

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Sunday 1/24
We both look really gross and dead in this picture, but that's why I made it black and white :P This picture was taken at the Reno Bighorns game that we went to! Now, the caption sounds pretty bizarre, but the full story behind that is that United Airlines canceled his flight from Sacramento to San Francisco and wouldn't schedule him on a different airline. They wanted him to wait until Friday night (like we're talking midnight), which would've cut his visit in half, so instead of doing that he took an uber to San Francisco to catch his flight to Reno!
I hope you enjoyed this post! It was a bit shorter than my previous ones, but I've been busy with school and haven't taken many pictures since I've been back! My instagram handle is @miss_sienna if you'd like to follow me!

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