Monday, January 4, 2016

My Week on Instagram #11

Hi guys!
It's the first "My Week on Instagram" of 2016! I'm definitely going to keep doing this series throughout the year, and hopefully I'll get one up for each week of 2016! Here's the BTS of my week on Instagram!

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Monday 12/28

Monday was my first day driving alone! I went out to brunch with a couple of my friends and then went to the mall to meet some other people! The mall had a brand new milk tea place that I had to try (I'm kinda obsessed with boba)! The cups were huge and what you didn't see was me trying to juggle it (they wouldn't fit in the cup holder) while driving to pick my mom up by myself. 

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Wednesday 12/30
I went back to Salted Lemon on Wednesday with some of my friends! It's this amazing health food store right down the street from me with the most insta-worthy acai bowls! 

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Thursday 12/31

This was actually a picture from Monday when I was at the mall with my friend! She was trying some stuff on in a dressing room, but I didn't find anything that I liked, so I spent some time taking pictures in the mirror instead! Also, I'm seriously obsessed with these shoes!

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Friday 1/1

This was an old selfie of me and my sister! I wanted to post it because we look sooo happy in it and I didn't have any good pictures from January 1st. In reality, I spent the whole day in pajamas eating. 

Saturday 1/2

So I woke up and couldn't walk on my foot! I quickly realized that it was swollen and couldn't put weight on it. I must have sprained it although I don't realize how! This photo is 100% staged, though, because in reality I was lying in the dark watching Gossip Girl or my foot was in a bucket full of ice. 

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Sunday 1/3The first picture was taken in my back yard! I loved the way that the light looked through the trees during golden hour! The second picture was taken in my kitchen! My parents got a whole bunch of macarons because the old (but still delicious) ones are discounted at the farmers market on Sundays! I already ate a blue one and have plans to eat the green one (I think it's green tea flavored) tomorrow!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and this series! If you've missed any of my previous "My Week on Instagram" posts, you can read them all here! And lastly my instagram handle is @miss_sienna if you want to follow me!


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