Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Health Bloggers to Inspire You in 2016

Hi guys! 
I've been pretty inspired by some health and wellness bloggers these past few months and I thought I'd share them with you today! Just a little heads up, a lot of these bloggers are vegan and while that's great I know a lot of you might not be ready for that. All of these have beautiful plant based recipes and food pictures and are still wonderful role models! 

Mr & Mrs Vegan: Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr 
These are two of the cutest people on the planet! They're based out of Los Angeles and are experts in clean eating and healthy living. They have tons of great recipe videos on their youtube channel and are really good about answering any and all health related questions on their tumblr!

LoniJane: Instagram, Tumblr
Her feed is all about sun, sand, and food! I love browsing looking for some food-inspo! She has a young toddler and is pregnant with her second child and has gone through both pregnancies vegan and radiant! 

Freelee the Banana Girl: Instagram, Youtube, Ebook
Freelee the Banana Girl is one of the most polarizing figures in the diet world. She may be a bit harsh, extreme, and crazy, but what she preaches obviously works! She looks better in her thirties than many people do in their twenties! Her new ebook is out and is full of information and a thirty day "cleanse" to help you jump start 2016!

Emily Hunt: Instagram, Tumblr
I love Emily for her tumblr! She answers a lot of asks with really smart, informative responses. She also has a no bullshit policy and tells it like it is. Expect to see a lot of beautiful food in her feed and sassy responses to stupid questions on her tumblr!

Bonny Rebecca: Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube
I love bonny for her vlogs! She recently completed a 30 day vlogging series and shows just how easy it is to eat clean when you're extremely busy! She also has a recipe ebook out with lots of healthy, clean eats and her instagram is full of beautiful food pics!
I know that getting healthier is a bit new years goal for a lot of you and I hope that these accounts provide a bit of inspiration! Please note that I didn't include Tone it Up or Blogilates because I don't necessarily agree with their diet advice and will never agree with anyone who promotes a low carb diet (if you want me to explain more, I'll do a video)! Let me know if there's anyone I'm missing out on in the comments!


  1. Love this idea! Am definitely going to follow these for inspiration!

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  2. I'm glad this was useful for you! Let me know which ones you like the most!