Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 New Semester Goals

New semester, new me? My second semester of college starts tomorrow and I've been thinking that there's things I can do better. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do badly the first semester, but now that I "get" it, I can start to improve and make changes. Here are 5 goals for me!

1) Wake Up Earlier
I have 8:00 classes this semester. That's obviously not ideal and I would way rather sleep in, but you gotta deal with what's given to you! I want to wake up earlier so that I can stay aware and awake in class. I want to make sure that I'm fully awake (hopefully without caffeine) before my first class and that I'm not still drowsy when I should be learning. This also kind of goes along with going to sleep earlier and just generally taking care of myself so I stay energized and ready to learn. 

2) Procrastinate Less
I have a feeling that there's going to be a couple papers that I'll need to write for my Humanities class, but everything else is either science or math based, so not so many projects this semester... I want to start studying earlier (for tests and finals), I want to get my homework done sooner rather than later, and I want to have my shit together!

3) Get Help
I am going in to this semester already feeling like I'm going to need help with Calculus. Calc 1 wasn't a piece of cake for me and was my worst class, and calc 2 seems even more difficult. I want to make sure that I start to set myself up to succeed by getting help, even when I think that I can teach myself the material, because chances are, I can't. 

4) Have Fun
I love school, education, and learning. I go through phases where I forget this and I am miserable in school and I feel like a slave to the system. I really want to make sure that I stay positive, feel blessed, and fall in love with learning because that's when I do the best. I do think that this will be easier this semester as more of my classes are major specific (and I'm especially looking forward to my bio class!)

5) Stay Organized
I want to make sure that this semester I have my shit together. This is definitely a recurring theme in my life, but it's something that is super important to me. I want to use my planner more and just generally remember to get everything done on time or ahead of time. I want to know when my tests are rather than cramming the weekend before. I don't want to be stressed or a hot mess and staying organized will help me avoid that. 

Let me know in the comments what your new semester goals are! We should definitely motivate each other to be our best selves this semester :)


  1. Haha - firstly getting my life together is still my everyday goal even though I finished college years ago!

    I think these are such great goals and I wish i had my head together enough when I was at College to think about a lot of the things you are doing only going into second semester.

    If I want back to College I would say my number one goal would be to get help and get to know the lectures/teachers/teaching aids etc - I was so shy and didn't want to seem stupid but going to their office during their open hours (I don't know if you guys have that sort of thing), even if you've got nothing to ask - ask about what further reading or practice tests they would recommend - just start a conversation with them.

    i could have got so much more out of my college years if I had just changed this one thing.

    Rant over.

    Good luck starting your second semester tomorrow!

    I think you are going to crush it!




  2. thanks Kelsey! I definitely need to start going to office hours more this semester! Last semester I was a little reluctant to get help and I think that hurt me in the end, but this semester I definitely want to get help! And also build relationships with my professors in case I need letters of reference in the future :)

  3. These are definitely 5 lovely goals, semester or no semester. Everyone needs more of this in their life! Thanks for sharing xx adaatude.com