Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vlogmas Week 1

Hey guys!
If you didn't already know, I'm doing vlogmas this year! Instead of sharing the videos on my blog daily, I thought that I'd do it in a weekly post, so you can see all the videos in one place! Here's what we did this week!

So all of these were daily vlogs except for day three and day six. Day three was a "what I eat in a day" video because I wasn't able to film much, and today's video was a completely unrelated video because I spent the entire day studying for finals and didn't want to bore you to death! 

This is my finals week, so my videos might be shorter than usual or less interesting than usual, but I will continue to try to get daily videos up! Make sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel (click here) because you'll get my new videos in your subscription feed!


  1. I love how you put the whole week of your vlogs in this post! I'm sitting here watching it all in one go. I'm all about rice and carbs hehe. Good luck with your finals girl! You'll smash it! :)


    Yours Truly, NY

  2. haha yassss carbs all the way! and thanks Natalie <3