Saturday, December 5, 2015

Top 10 Christmas Songs!

Hey guys!
So now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to bust out those Christmas decorations and start blasting the Christmas music! I have a whole Christmas playlist on spotify that I've been playing on repeat, but there are definitely a few standout songs that I listen to more than the rest! In no particular order, my top 10 Christmas songs are...

1) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - *NSYNC
This was one of those songs that I listened to a lot at the holidays when I was growing up. My dad was a huge *NSYNC fan, so we had the holiday CD (back when CDs were a thing) and would play it all the time in the car. This is definitely the best song from that CD, and just reminds me of my childhood holidays. 

2) My Only Wish - Britney Spears
Another song that my parents played a lot when I was young. I think that I even ended up doing a dance routine to this song when I was in preschool! I love this song and it is definitely played a lot!

3) This Christmas - Christina Aguilera
I am obsessed with this song! I really like the Christina Aguilera version of it the best, but the Cee Lo Green one is also really good!

4) Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad - Michael Buble
This song is so much different than the Feliz Navidad that José Feliciano sang, but both are good in different ways! This one is much slower, and is a duet and a medley with Thalia. This is a much calmer song than a lot of the other Christmas songs on the list, but I really enjoy it. 

5) Last Christmas - Wham!
This song has been covered by so many different artists, but I still prefer the original Wham! one the best! This is such a classic song, and my list wouldn't be complete without it!

6) All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
No one does this song better than the queen herself! This is a classic song, and is such a no brainer for any Christmas playlist! 

7) Do They Know It's Christmas? (1984 Version) - Band Aid
The original version is still my favorite, even though there's that new version that came out with Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora and all those trendy new artists. 

8) Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Frank Sinatra
This is my favorite version of this classic song! This is one of the few "classic" christmas songs that I actually really enjoy listening to over and over because most of the true classic songs I get bored of hearing all the time! 

9) Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Michael Buble 
I am really obsessed with the whole Michael Buble christmas album if you can't already tell! But from that album, this is one of my top picks!

10) Baby It's Cold Outside - DR Big Band
Another song that's been covered by tons of artists! This one is my favorite version, though, because it's really simple and isn't too crazy or jazzed up like some of the others are. A close second would be the Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera version!

So, as I was writing this, I realized that it's really hard to choose just 10 songs! As a little extra, I thought that I'd just list a few of my other favorite songs here in case you needed more! I bolded the ones that I really like that were close runner ups to the songs on my list! 

  • Mistletoe - Justin Bieber
  • This Christmas - Christina Aguilera
  • Christmas Wrapping - Glee Cast 
  • Cheetah-licious Christmas - Cheetah Girls (haha don't judge me!)
  • Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy - Pentatonix
  • Extraordinary Merry Christmas - Glee Cast
  • Winter Wonderland - Michael Buble
I am so psyched for Christmas! I am doing vlogmas on my main youtube channel, so make sure you check that out by clicking here!


  1. Nice list I love NSYNC, Christina and Mariah's Christmas songs :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  2. thank you! haha yes that NSYNC christmas album is everything!