Monday, December 21, 2015

My Week on Instagram #9

Hi guys!
It's Monday, so that means another "My Week on Instagram" post! This is my 9th consecutive week of this series, which is super exciting! Here are the behind the scenes of my week on instagram!

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Wednesday 12/16
I flew back to Hawaii from Reno on Wednesday and this was one of the artsy shots from the plane that I wanted to post! I feel like the pictures of clouds with a wing in it is like the quintessential "I'm flying" post, but this was so pretty because of the snowy mountains (it was a regional flight, so it was pretty low altitude) and it matched my feed!

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Friday 12/18
On Friday, I had a little get together with eight of my friends from high school (one left before the picture)! It was probably the best party I've ever thrown because we were crazy, stupid, and we had so much fun. Most of the night was spent playing games, gossiping, eating, and hearing everyone rant/rave about their new college and crew. At one point we even tried making a cup fort that reached the ceiling (we failed)! This picture doesn't even begin to capture the fun and spontaneity of the party, but the nine of us know what really happened that night, which is all that matters. 

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Saturday 12/19
On Saturday I finally got a much needed haircut! The last one I had was in July or August, so it's been a good four months or so! I got around three inches cut off, so it's not as short as it was originally, but looks nice and fresh! She also thinned it and cut in to it, so it has a little more movement and is a bit edgier than it was over the summer! Also, I went to a family dinner and one of my aunts asked if I had gotten a tan in Reno, but I'm actually the palest I've ever been! Haha the power of makeup is crazy!

So that's it for this week's post! If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin! Also, if you've missed any of the previous "My Week on Instagram" posts, you can catch up on them here!