Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Not Okay to Look Like a Mess When Traveling

It's smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, which means lots of traveling. Unless you're the lucky few that can drive back home, this usually means flying. Flying is never comfortable, never fun, and almost never enjoyable. Most people use that as an excuse to board the plane in pajamas, which is so not okay. Here's why you should try (at least a little) when traveling. 

1) You never know who you'll meet
Girls, you know the dream. You'll be sitting there in your seat when a really attractive guy comes and sits next to you. You'll instantly hit it off and live happily ever after. While this might not happen, you never know who you'll meet. The person next to you could be the love of your life, your future employer, a new friend, a business partner, a celebrity... but if you look a hot mess, they'll open a book, put on their headphones and try their best to ignore you the whole flight. 

2) The better you look, the better you feel
I feel like this is just one of those things that shouldn't be true, but is. You know how some days you feel like crap, but put on your fiercest outfit and everything's better? The same goes for flying. I'm not saying wear heels or uncomfortable clothes, but a pair of jeans, slip on shoes (for TSA), and a tank or shirt with a jacket can go a long way. Plus when you get off your plane you'll feel good about meeting whoever's giving you a ride to your hotel/house. 

3) You'll be "that girl"
On every flight there's "that girl" the one that looks like she has her shit together. The one that looks just as good getting off a flight as she does getting on. "That girl" takes pride in how she looks and puts effort in to her outfit. She plans ahead and has a game plan for every leg of the flight. You want to be "that girl" the one that everyone notices, admires, and loves to hate because she's so put together, and it starts with looking the part. 

Now here's a confession: a lot of times I'm that person wearing sweats and oversized everything on a flight. Flights from Hawaii to the continental United States are long, painfully boring, and never pleasant. I get that sometimes comfort trumps all and I respect that. You do you, but I'm definitely gonna start making an effort to look put together when traveling.