Friday, November 27, 2015

Workout Bros Theme Party Outfit

Hey guys!
So on Saturday night I went out to a theme party. The theme was technically "yoga hoes and workout bros," but I don't like that name, so I'm gonna call it a "workout bros" party because girls can be bros too, right? I thought I'd do a quick OOTD because I literally just threw this on and ran out of the house and was somewhat in theme. Sorry about the bad pictures, it was nighttime so there wasn't any natural light, and I had to take all the pics myself! 

Shoes: Target (buy it here!)
I wore a pair of slip on sneakers because they're really comfortable and they matched the "yoga" theme because they're not as athletic looking as like Nikes or actual running/tennis shoes are. 

Leggings: Old Navy (buy it here!)
These aren't workout leggings, but they were really comfortable and warm! I was walking to the party, so I needed something so I wouldn't freeze to death, and these also look really casual and cute!

Sports Bra:
I decided to wear a sports bra instead of a normal shirt because it gave a better pop of color and I knew I was going to wear my jacket the whole night. My sports bra is from Old Navy, but I think that it's sold out. 

Jacket: HM (buy here)
This is not an athletic jacket at all, but it's somewhat "athleisure" so it worked! I left it half zipped, so my sports bra was showing, but it was still pretty covered. 

I really love this party theme because I can dress comfortably and I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing at all! Let me know in the comments what you favorite type of theme parties are, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin for more!

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