Friday, November 13, 2015

The Downfall of Essena Oneill

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So today we're going to be addressing Essena Oneill for probably the last time. Instead of talking about her anti-social media stance, we're going to talk about her downward spiral and the backlash that she's received. 

Losing Friends
Essena is quickly losing credibility and friends. When she was in Los Angeles, she was staying with people that she met through social media for free. They didn't take lightly to the fact that in her video she said that the people she met in Los Angeles were fake and depressed. Since that video went live, Nina and Randa, Willie, and Jeff have all made videos sharing their side of the story and discrediting a lot of Essena's story. 

Losing Credibility
Since she started posting videos on Vimeo, her quality has gone way down. I honestly cannot get through one of her videos anymore because they're boring and not interesting. Her videos sound like a little pity party, and I am not really interested in that. The mainstream media for the most part has dropped the story, and with that her slight bit of fame has started to go away as well. Essena has also lost credibility within the industry when she stood up GMA (correct me if I'm wrong) on live television. 

A lot of people that I know have started to notice the contradictions between what Essena says and does. In the beginning, she said she was quitting social media but left her youtube and instagram live. People start calling her out on it, so she deletes it. She says that she's not looking for fame or attention, yet starts crying when she talks about how all these tv stations want to interview her. I'm not saying this makes her a bad person, I just think that she doesn't know what she wants yet, and that her actions aren't matching her words and what she truly wants deep down inside. 

Lastly, for everyone wondering, through social media comments and stuff I have found out that the guy she was seeing in Los Angeles was Blake Michael, an actor, and Durianrider confirmed on Tumblr that the model Essena was referring to in her Love Gets Likes video was Jay Alvarrez. 

I want to know everyone's opinions on Essena. In the end I really like her message that social media isn't real life, but I think that she's gotten carried away and has thrown away a good opportunity to promote veganism and other causes she cares about for fame. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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