Monday, November 30, 2015

My Week On Instagram #6

Is anyone else really proud of how I've been keeping up with these posts? Well, this is my sixth consecutive week of posting "My Week On Instagram" posts, so you know the drill! If you're new, these posts just provide a little BTS on my Instagram pictures, and you can see all the previous ones here! So let's get started!

Tuesday 11/24

It's pretty rare that I do a birthday post on my Instagram because I either totally forget to post something or because they don't have an Instagram and I don't want to be "that girl." This picture was really funny, though, because it was originally a picture with three people (my friend Salamander was on my right), but I cropped it like this because I didn't have any pictures of me and Kalyn that we both liked! That's so bizarre because we've been friends for over five years, but it's true! I was actually texting her on Monday a lot, like "holy cow I can't find any pictures of us!" and she didn't want me posting a dorky middle school picture (I didn't want to post that either!), and she agreed that this was a nice picture, so that's why I posted it! We did promise to take a lot of nice pictures when we're back in Hawaii in December so this won't happen again! 

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Wednesday 11/25:

I've had this picture for a while now, and have been playing around with different filters to make it look as dramatic as possible. I decided to post it on Wednesday because I wanted something in color to post because I have a cute family picture that's black and white that I wanted to post on Thursday for Thanksgiving and I didn't want too many black and white pictures in a row. That's such a shallow and superficial reason to post a picture, but I really liked this picture and the way that it went along with my feed, so it's all good! 

Thursday 11/26: THANKSGIVING!
I wanted to post a family picture for Thanksgiving because for me, family is the thing that I am most thankful for in my life. I already knew that this was the picture I wanted to post because I don't have very many family pictures with all five of us, and the other options had either already been posted or included other people that I didn't necessarily want in my photo. Like I said in my caption, I wasn't home this Thanksgiving and neither was my brother, so it was a very different experience for all of us. 

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Friday 11/27
Friday was freezing cold! This was another day when I wanted to post something, but didn't know what to post! I decided on this picture because it went with my instagram theme pretty well, and also helped illustrate just how freezing it was! 

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Saturday 11/28:
On Saturday I went to the mountains with my friends to go sledding. I took this selife there because I really liked the beanie and my makeup and all that stuff! 

...And that's it for this week! I hope that you guys enjoyed this post! I really like taking some time to reflect on my instagram posts for you guys because I think that it's funny realizing that sometimes I post things for my "feed" and how ridiculous that sounds! Sorry this post didn't go up on Monday like I wanted it to, but I wanted to get that vlogmas post up before this because that's more time sensitive. But speaking of Vlogmas, make sure you check out my youtube channel to check out my daily December vlogs!

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