Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Goals For November...

Hey guys!
I've been trying to take back my life lately and actually live rather than merely exist, which is what I feel I've been doing for a while now. For me, a part of this is making lists and goals and being productive rather than wasting away in front of a screen. I wanted to share my November goals with you because I think it might be inspiring for some of you to make your own. If not, then at least it will hold me somewhat accountable and it'll let me look back at this to remind myself of what I want out of the month. 

1) Get Out More
This past weekend I came to the realization that I have not explored Reno at all. I've driven places, but I haven't wandered and seen all the restaurants and cafes and parks that make this place so special. On Friday I went out alone during the day to try and find some of the parks in the Riverwalk district and I loved it. I loved feeling independent, going wherever I felt like, and being able to spend some time by myself in the fresh air. I want to do more of this during November, whether that means going back to those parks, finding new hideaways, or even just sitting in the quad with a book instead of staying in my dorm room. 

2) Prioritize My Relationships
I knew that once I got in to college my friendships from high school were going to be strained a little bit because of the distance. I thought that I was going to be able to handle all this and manage it well, but I haven't. I call my family back home multiple times a week, which is great, but I rarely make the time or effort to talk to my friends. I just realized that I haven't talked or texted some of my best friends from home in over a month! That has got to change! It'll take some effort, but it will definitely be worth it for my overall happiness and wellbeing!

3) Stay Grounded
I think a big part about me feeling as though I was "existing" instead of "living" was the robotic routine of my days. I did everything the same, all the time, and I never kept my head in the right headspace. I want to start grounding myself more and forcing myself to live in the moment. I want to meditate, do more yoga, exercise, stretch, write, and force myself to feel things and emotions instead of just going from one thing to the next aimlessly. 

4) Be Positive
Kind of going along with three, is also just trying to be more positive. I started to notice that I've been surrounding my self with pretty negative people. That's not a bad thing, it's just that I've been bringing my energy level down around them, which is not something I want to do anymore. I want my inner light to shine bright, and I think that means not criticizing myself or anyone else. Not gossiping, listening instead of judging, and being honest with myself and others. 

5) Be Thankful
November is Thanksgiving month, and I want to make sure to count my blessings every single day and be grateful for all that I have. It's really easy to get into an entitled mindset or a mindset of "want, want, want" instead of looking at all that you have and realizing that you don't need anything more. There are a trillion things to be thankful for in this world, and I want to start recognizing that instead of the very few things that are "wrong" or not so good. 

These goals are huge, and kind of abstract, and are definitely not things that I'm going to accomplish fully in November. Rather, these are things that I am going to spend a lifetime trying to work on, but I'm going to try focus on them during this month. I want to challenge you to make your own goals, or even adopt a few of mine if you want, so we can all start to live instead of exist. 

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