Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Choose a College Major

Hi guys!
This is a post that I've been wanting to do for a while, but I could never figure out when to post it. Since a lot of you in high school are starting to apply to college, I thought this might be useful! I'm not going to tell you what to major in or anything like that, but I wanted to share some tips with you!

The Good Ways to Choose a Major...

  1. I'm really interested in this!
    1. This is how I picked my major! I really loved my chemistry class and biology classes and I knew that was something I wanted to pursue further. I took a biotechnology class my senior year that kind of tied everything together and helped me make my decision to major in biochemistry.
  2. This will get me where I need to be!
    1. This is when you know what type of job you want to have, whether it's general (I want to be a lawyer) or very specific (I want to code for google), and you pick your major based on what will get you to your end goal. 
The Bad Ways to Choose a Major...
  1. _____ majors make a lot of money!
    1. The job market is always changing and with new technology and increasing population size, income will fluctuate. Choosing solely based on money will lead to a miserable life if you choose something like accounting, when in reality you hate math. 
  2. My friends are doing this!
    1. You probably don't have the same interests as your friends and that is fine! Don't choose based on what everyone else is doing because you won't be as engaged or happy as you would be doing something you love!
  3. There's jobs in this field
    1. This is probably the one that could go either way. If you're between two majors, and this is the deciding factor I think that's okay, but if this is the only reason you're picking your major, that's not. It's so much more rewarding to be doing something you love than something you hate or are indifferent to. 
Don't Know?
That's fine! There are plenty of people that go in to college undecided. For the first year or maybe even two years, many people take their core credits that aren't major specific, so if you need more time to figure out what you'd like to major in, it's not a big deal!

I hope that this post was interesting. I was talking to a couple of my friends about their majors and what they'd like to do with these degrees and all of these reasons came up in one way or another. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or what you're thinking about majoring in (any biochem majors?!?!) 

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