Saturday, November 7, 2015

Everyday Fall Makeup

Hey guys!
Many of you know that I've been staying away from tutorials because I haven't found a way to film them at college that I've liked so far. But today I took a selfie when I was at a park and I thought that I could share the look with you through a blog post! This is pretty much my everyday makeup because it's quick and I really like it! Here we go!

Face: Typically I wear very little to no face makeup. On the day that I took this picture, I used a little bit of my NARS Creamy Concealer because I had a couple blemishes I wanted to cover. 

Eyes: I fill in my brows first with NYX Automatic Brow Pencil and set it with a little bit of MAC Espresso Eye Shadow. On my lids I use MAC Woodwinked, blending it into the crease and slightly above it. I then take MAC Brulee as a highlighter. Eyeliner kind of varies from day to day. Some days I'll use a gel liner, but other days (like in this picture) I don't wear any. For mascara, I double up! First I apply Covergirl Flamed Out because it separates and makes my lashes look really natural and nice. Then I go over it with a Waterproof Super Sizer mascara because it separates, adds volume, and makes it waterproof. I like doubling up a waterproof over a non waterproof because it doesn't transfer and stays all day, but is still really easy to take off at night!

Lips: Lately I've been just using my EOS Lip Balm and no lipstick, but some days I'll go for a red or berry when I want to look more put together!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post! This makeup literally takes me five minutes to put on in the morning, and is super easy to do! Don't forget to follow this blog on bloglovin to stay up to date on my new posts, and check out my travel blog here because I'll be doing a post on where I was when I took this picture!


  1. I'm gonna start to use Mac Eye Shadow cause you look incredible!!

  2. thank you! If you decide to get one, I'd recommend woodwinked because the formulation of it is amazing and it looks good on everyone!