Monday, November 2, 2015

Essena Oneill Quitting Social Media

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You loved my thoughts on Jay and Alexis, so I thought I'd do another "my thoughts on" type post all about Essena Oneill. She is originally from Australia and has become somewhat well known on tumblr, instagram, and youtube recently. This week she announced that she's quitting social media, something that has been met with both praise and criticism. Here are my thoughts about it. 

First off, good for her! She's doing something that she wants to and is actually following through on it. She's still young and if social media is making her unhappy, it's good that she decided to quit it. I do think that it's a little funny how she keeps promoting her new website and vimeo, though, because those are different forms of social media. I love how real her instagram captions are now, but at the same time think that it's pretty dangerous and can lead to many misconceptions. On tumblr lately I've heard of a lot of people being called "fake" because of their instagram posts. It's one thing if Essena feels as though she was being "fake", but it's a completely different thing for most of us. For a lot of people, photography is a hobby and they post their pictures either so they can look back on it later, or to share their art with the world. That isn't fake. 

Now let's talk about vimeo. Honestly, I don't ever use vimeo and I don't know many people who do. Assuming that her content will still be about veganism and saving animals, it seems silly that she'd move away from her already existing following to a new platform. I believe she's moving to vimeo because it doesn't allow monetization and it seems like Essena views monetization as "being fake." I completely disagree with that because if you're putting in the hours and work and you really need money, you should get paid! Plus, now she's asking people to pay what they feel like her content is worth. I think this is kind of cumbersome and it would be easier for both her and the viewer if she just ran ads on youtube videos or something. 

Lastly, I know that Essena's being called "fake" now because she's been so wishy washy with her life lately. She quit university to pursue social media, and is now quitting social media for her website. I don't think it's fake, I think that it's natural and only seems that way because she's young and growing up in front of an audience. 

I still like Essena and will continue to support her, but I'm not sure that I agree with her stance on social media. Durianrider also made a killer video about this topic, so I'll link that here so you can check it out! Also, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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