Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Things I'm Thankful For in 2015

Hey guys!
Last year I did a post called "10 Things I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving," and I wanted to do a similar post this year! This is five things instead of ten, but that's because everything I said in the last post is also really applicable this year as well! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, so here we go!

1) Family
I feel like this is number one on most people's list. But this year I've really realized what a large role family plays in my life. I sort of moved out when I moved out of state for college, and my brother is in Japan until June 2016, and I think that everyone in my family has had to prioritize our relationships over everything else in our life. We have all made such an effort to keep in touch, and that just makes me so happy because while I facetime my parents at least every other day, I know people that call their parents maybe once a month at the most. I don't think I could live like that, and I'm just so happy to have such a secure support network in my family. 

2) Health
This is another repeat from last year's post, but it was worth mentioning again. We recently had a health scare in my family and while everything ended up fine, it's incredibly scary and mind blowing to realize how everything can change in an instant. Without your health and your body, it's really hard to do what you want to do in life, and that's something I'm realizing more and more as I get older. 

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3) New Experiences
This year has been full of new experiences for me. I've experienced my first real fall and winter away from home, I've flown by myself for the first time, I've started at a new school, and so much more! I'm so thankful for all these new experiences because they have really helped me grow. I feel so much more independent and grown up now, and I've learned to trust myself, try new things, and learn every single day. Life without new experiences would be quite boring, and this year has seriously been anything but boring for me!

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4) Friends
This kind of goes along with what I said during my paragraph about family. I have constantly been reminding myself to prioritize my friends because it is really hard to keep friendships strong when you're not seeing your friends every day at school, like in high school. I think that I've done a really good job of trying to keep in touch with my friends from home, but I've also realized that friendship is a two way street and there are definitely people I've lost touch with because they don't respond when I try to reach out. 

5) Security
This might seem odd to include on my list, but security is something that I've been valuing more and more. And this isn't personal security, but just security in life. I have never had to worry about not being able to afford what I need, I've never gone to bed hungry, and I've never had to worry about things that most of us think of as "necessities" like food, clothing, water, and shelter. I've been pretty sheltered my whole life going to a private school for elementary, middle, and high school, but I've met people that have come from different backgrounds here in college, and it's made me so thankful for everything that I have. 

I hope that you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you had time to reflect on what you're thankful for this year before heading off to those Black Friday sales! Let me know in the comments what things you're thankful for this year, and also let me know if you want me to do Vlogmas this year!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sisi!! I'm thankful that we are still great blogging friends hehe. Ohhh, please do Vlogmas!! :P


    Yours Truly, NY

  2. awww I'm so thakful that we're friends too! and I think I'm gonna do vlogmas this year! :)