Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend In My Life #1

Hey guys!
I have a new video for you! It's a "weekend in my life" video because I wanted to film a vlog and weekends tend to be more interesting than school days for me! I know a lot of you guys will think "this can't be right!" because there's a very obvious lack of partying, which a very college thing to do, but I am not a huge partier and this is pretty reflective of an average weekend! With that being said, I'll film more of these, so hopefully you'll see a more accurate portrayal of my life in time!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video! I'll be trying to post a video a week from now on (I'll post more if I can!), so if you're interested, please subscribe by clicking here! Also, let me know how you guys spend your weekend because I love hearing about your lives!

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