Monday, October 26, 2015

My Week On Instagram!

Hey guys!
It's been forever since one of these posts, but I wanted to do one! I'm writing this on 10/24, but I'm sure it'll be posted after that, so if you're looking at my instagram feed and thinking "this isn't from a week ago!", then that's why! My instagram username is @miss_sienna if you want to follow me, but be warned! I post a lot of selfies, food pictures, and throwbacks! In all honesty, though, instagram shows a very flat view of my life. It shows a picture, which is usually a product of a cool event and great timing, and a caption, which I edit and change to my liking. These posts help me share a little more into my life by giving you some info about where I was, what I was doing, and why I posted what I did, and I hope this is as interesting to you as it is to me!

Saturday - 10/17

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I went to Dunkin Donuts for the first time in years! There used to be one in Hawaii a loooong time ago, but I haven't been to one in definitely close to a decade! I had a iced coffee and a glazed donut and it was heaven!

Monday - 10/19
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This is one of those throwback photos I'm talking about! Actually, this isn't much of a throwback, but it was a cute picture of my sister that my mom sent me three weeks ago that I wanted to post!

Wednesday - 10/21
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This is another throwback photo from this summer! It was taken at Universal Studios Hollywood when I was there a few months ago in Super Silly Fun Land! This is another thing where I was going through my camera roll, saw a picture, and decided to post it!

Thursday - 10/22
On Thursday, my grandparents came to Reno to visit me (and for a football game!), so we went out to lunch! It was at Homage bakery, which is pretty close to downtown Reno and was super delicious! I had a turkey sandwich, which was bomb af, my grandma had a quiche which she loved, and my grandpa had a pot pie, which he said was amazing as well! 

Friday - 10/23
This is my homecoming week! On Friday, there was a huge parade starting from downtown, going up Virginia Street back to the campus quad! My dorm had a really funky "float", which was really a paper mache volcano on top of a car with some pig drawings taped on, but it was super fun and exciting! The lights on the volcano ended up shorting out, so that was kind of disappointing, though. But the overall parade was crazy and awesome because there were so many people and they shut down the whole street for this event! 

I hope that this post was interesting for you! If it was, please let me know in the comments and I'll make this a more regular thing! Also, don't forget to follow this blog on bloglovin because it makes it super easy to get notifications when new posts go live!