Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's Talk About Money

Hi guys!
Today's post is a little different, but I thought it would be fun to do because it's so personal. Everyone has a different relationship with money, but I wanted to share my thoughts about it today because money has become increasingly important for me now that I'm in college and more aware of my spending. 

So first off, I think a little background info would be helpful! I grew up in what I would describe as a upper middle class household, at least income-wise that's where I would classify it. We were always frugal though because private school took a huge chunk of our money and the cost of living in hawaii is ridiculous! When I was 17, I had a job at a retail store, but mostly for the experience because I didn't need the money as I'm not a huge spender and could support my personal expenses on my own. When I was making decisions about college, cost was a huge factor because I didn't want to take out loans. 

I think that class and money are perceived to be correlated, and because I went to a private school, there was a lot of stigma attached with it. A lot of times people thought that I was rich, that I could buy anything I wanted, that I took trips three times a year. And while that is definitely true for some of my friends, that was never the case for me. I've always been very aware of how much I spend, and the financial state of my family, and that's really impacted the way I view expenses. 

I honestly think that my relationship with money isn't all that healthy. My parents both have jobs where they can afford everything that they'd like us to have, but I feel guilty. I constantly feel like I should be contributing something more than I am. When I got a scholarship from an in state school that would essentially cover 90% of my tuition, my parents had to talk me out of accepting it just because I wanted to lessen the burden on them. Every time I go out shopping and charge "a lot" on a credit card that they pay off, I call them and say something along the lines of "I'm sorry, but I really needed this. You can take the money out of my account if you want." and they always say that it's fine, and that I don't have to apologize for buying necessities. 

I know people who have had their parents take out loans so they can go to college, or who have taken out loans themselves and I'm really grateful that I am not in that situation, and if I was, that I would have been in a situation where I could have made a different decision about school and gone to a college I could have paid for myself. My relationship with money should probably be labeled "middle class dependent regret" or something similar. Obviously it pales in comparison to the real problems that others are facing, such as not having money, but it's a struggle nonetheless. 

Money is a source of stress for many, but if there's one takeaway from this post, I guess it's this: if you're able to live happily in a stable financial situation, be thankful and appreciate it. Money stresses us out more than anything in this world, whether we have enough, need more, don't have enough, want this, that, blah blah blah. But worrying about it excessively is unnecessary, and unhealthy. 

I bet there's at least one other person that feels the same way that I do about money. If you're that person, or even if you're not, leave a comment below letting me know your relationship with money or your thoughts on this post!

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