Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Makeup!

Hi guys!
I haven't been able to do any halloween makeup tutorials this year, and I don't think I'll get around to it, but I wanted to do this post just to remind you of my halloween makeup tutorials from last year! These are all super general, and could go along with any gory/scary makeup looks and are really easy to do! 

Black Eye Makeup Tutorial
All this takes is a little bit of eyeliner, lipstick, and eye shadow! It takes less than 10 minutes and is so scary looking!

Chopped Off Hands Tutorial
This would definitely be better if I had used a foundation that matched my skin tone, but oh well! This is a bit more extensive and it's really hard to make the lines straightish, so I would only suggest this if you have a bit of time!

Open Wound Tutorial
I definitely recommend this over the chopped hands one if you're short on time or want to be messier, as this one looks good a little imperfect. I did it on my hand because that was easiest, but it would look great on a face or chest as well! 

Let me know in the comments what you're going to be for Halloween and how you're going to be doing your makeup! I'm not quite sure what I'm doing for Halloween yet as a lot of people at my college are going home for the weekend, and I'm not. But I'm going to Target tomorrow, so hopefully I'll find something cool there!