Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Duck Boots!

Hey guys!
One of the biggest trends this fall and winter is going to be duck boots! These were first made popular by LL Bean, but are pretty much everywhere now! I am absolutely obsessed with this style because it's functional and pretty cute, so I thought I'd share my favs! As usual, this is shopable so click an image for more info!

If you are only going to get one pair of these, I would suggest something that's solid brown because I feel like that can go with everything! Sperry makes some really adorable ones that are visually my favorite, although Lands End, LL Bean, and some other companies have nice ones too!

Let me know if you have a pair or if you're going to get one this season! I just got a cheap pair from Target that I'm obsessed with! I'll link it here for you guys if you're interested, but I am so in love with mine because they're so comfortable and cute (and only $38)!


  1. Love the first ones! They are so pretty, I def need to get a pair asap. Hope you have a great day, hugs from Sweden.


  2. yeah! they're super great for winter because it's partially rubber so if it snows, your feet won't get wet!