Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Diet

Hi guys!
It's no secret that lately I've been more interested in diet and health. I've been watching a lot of health youtubers, and while I'm not super healthy or anything like that yet, I wanted to share my diet with you all! Keep in mind that I've been pretty athletic the majority of my life and that I'm not a health professional in any way! 

Let's start with a word on dieting. I use the word "diet" often, but I don't mean a crash or fad diet. My diet is a way of life for me, it's every single day. I don't believe in "dieting" and it's not something that I'll ever promote!

For me, I try to make the majority of my calories come from carbohydrates. This is how I was raised, and I believe that it's the diet that works best for my body. Every single cell of our body runs on glucose, and while fats and proteins can be broken down into that, the bi-products aren't always the best (for instance, excess protein leads to higher ammonia levels). I do eat meat, shellfish, poultry, and dairy, but I've been trying to be aware of my animal product intake lately. I find that I feel my best when I cut dairy out of my diet completely because I am lactose intolerant and take lactase when consuming dairy, but sometimes I have a bit of ice cream or cheese here or there. 

Here's a sample of a day...

Breakfast: I always try to get one fully raw meal in during the day, and I find breakfast is usually the easiest place to squeeze it in. I find that by having at least one raw meal I make sure I'm consuming enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables. 

Sample Breakfast: acai bowl blended with a frozen banana topped with two bananas, half a cup of strawberry, and chia seeds. 

Snack: Depending on when I wake up, I'll eat a snack between breakfast and lunch. This is usually small, like a banana or a bit of dried mango. Just something to keep my glucose levels up :P

Lunch: This really depends on the day. Some days I'm honestly not that hungry at lunch time, but I still force myself to eat so I don't crash later. Some days it'll be leftovers from dinner the night before, other times it'll be a bunch of fruit or a huge salad! 

Sample Lunch: Salad! Huge bowl of greens (my favorite is a mix of lettuce and spinach), some fruit (my favorite is pear, apple, or berries), 1/4 avocado, tomato, cucumber, with a tiny bit of low fat Italian dressing. Lately I've been super obsessed with beets on my salads too! It's sooooo tasty!

Snack: More of the same! Sometimes I'll also have a few nuts. Not the healthiest because if you eat a ton it'll get a bit high fat, but super yummy! Also really into chips and guac! 

Dinner: I'll eat whatever my mom makes me! But I bet this will change once I'm in college and forced to eat what's in the dining hall! It's usually some asian food with white rice! 

Sample Dinner: LOTS OF RICE! Curry with potatoes, celery, carrots, and peas! 

Dessert: Most days, if I eat a lot of fruit, I don't really want dessert. But if I do, sometimes it'll be a popsicle or something frozen, other times it'll be a little baked treat that I find in the fridge, and lately it's been a few pecan pralines that I picked up from Trader Joes (they're freaking amazing!)

So, I thought that this would be a fun post to do for you! I bet that my eating habits will change once I'm in college, so I'll be sure to do an update post soon! Like I said earlier, this is what works for me, it may or may not work for you, but do your research, listen to your body, and eat whatever makes you happy! 

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