Sunday, August 30, 2015

Food Essentials for College

Hi guys!
I'm doing another college related post, but I've been getting into the hang of things and I wanted to share with you! Today's post is going to be all about food essentials! I do have a meal plan because my college forces all first years dorming to have one, but I have gone out and bought a few supplement type things that I'll be sharing today! Also, food is super personal, so this is just what works for me! Final little disclaimer is that I took these photos really quickly, so they're not the best quality/lighting/etc...

Breakfast Food:
I start at either 9:00am or 10:00am depending on the day. Also, my dining hall doesn't have very good breakfast foods, so I don't usually eat there. I like to keep some breakfast staples in my room so I can eat something quickly before leaving. I have a lot of cereal because at school, if I don't use all my meal swipes for a week, I can redeem them for cereal and other stuff. I bought rice milk because I don't drink cow milk, and it's also really cheap and tasty! BANANAS are my biggest staple food! I have around 9 of them in my room right now because I eat at least one a day (but sometimes more!) Bananas are so cheap, and calorie dense that it's a perfect staple food to have!

Three days a week, I have over four hours of school straight, so I need some food to eat in between classes! I have some goldfish, mint oreos, pecan pralines, and dried mango. There's also more stuff in the fridge that I'll get to in a sec!

In the freezer, the only thing that's mine is the pizza rolls! I've eaten almost the whole bag in a week!

In the fridge, I have some snack foods (gogo squeeze and cuties), my rice milk, and some diet coke! 

I also have some canned type things. I have instant ramen, instant miso soup, and four cans of progresso soups in case I need a meal!

I hope that this post was interesting or useful in some way to you guys! Let me know in the comments if you're in college and what your food essentials are! Also, I'm trying to film a dorm room tour, but it's going to take some time!