Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stylish Summer Week 7 Challenge!

Hi guys!
We're so close to the end! Can you feel it? This week's summer themed and amazing! Get ready to have a stylish summer!

Monday: Check Out #StylishSummer

I love checking out your guys' post under the hashtag! Twitter is especially great because I love being able to reply easily to y'all! Check out the hashtag, and if you haven't already, post something with the hashtag to share with the group!

Tuesday: Go For a Swim!

The weather is nice and hot now, so cool off in the sea, lake, or pool! You can swim for fitness, or just for fun, the most important thing is that you enjoy it!

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Wednesday: Go Adventuring!

I know that I tend to overlook a lot of museums and exhibits where I live, so for Wednesday, we're going adventuring! Go somewhere that you haven't gone before, and take some amazing pictures!

Thursday: Wear a Maxi Skirt/Dress!

Maxi skirts and dresses are the epitome of summer style! Wear one on thursday, and look amazing in the beachiness of your outfit! 

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Friday: Girls Night!
Get all your gal pals together for a fun night! Whether you're going out clubbing or watching Netflix at home, everything is better together!

Saturday/Sunday: Try a New Hairstyle!
Try something new for the summer! Whether it's an intricate braid or some waves, have fun and flaunt your new look!

We're going to have an amazing week! At the start of the challenge, I said there would be four giveaways during this challenge, but my time management and scheduling is not very good so we only have space for one more! It'll go up later this week and will be the grand prize!

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