Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sisi's Travels

Hi guys!
If you saw my latest video (click here) you already know about my newest blog, but if not, I thought I'd share with you in a blog post! 

I recently started a travel blog because I'm going to be doing a bit of traveling this summer and hopefully in the coming years. I've lived in Hawaii my entire life, so that's where the blog is going to be grounded, with my favorite beaches, hikes, and restaurants, but I'm moving to Nevada for college, so there's going to be a lot about that too! This summer, I'll be in San Diego for a few days, I'll be traveling through Sacramento, and in August I'll be at Universal Studios and Disneyland, so I'll have lots of great content going up! 

I really don't travel enough to make this a thorough travel blog, which is why if you're interested, I'd love to have you write a guest post! It can be about a restaurant, museum, beach, hike, whatever you want! Email me at if you're interested! 

I would totally appreciate it if you followed my new blog on bloglovin by clicking here, and let me  know what you think about the blog in the comments! I spent a lot of time on the Navigation of the blog, so it might look funky now, but once I add more cities and states, it'll be a lot cooler!


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