Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stylish Summer Week 6 Schedule!

Hi guys!
This week marks the start of June! I'm so excited for week six of the challenge, but kind of sad at the same time because now we're nearing the end of the challenge! 

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Monday: Plan a Party!
In my mind, June represents the start of Summer! Start planning a summer bash with all of your friends! 

Tuesday: Do Some Stretches!
This week, I showed you some of my favorite stretches on the youtube channel! We've been focusing on strengthening a ton these past few weeks, so it's time to switch our focus towards lengthening and stretching those limbs!

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Wednesday: Post a Food Pic Under #StylishSummer!
I am obsessed with foodie pics and I really want to see some of yours! Take a pic of one of your meals today, and share them with me on twitter or instagram! 

Thursday: Show Some Skin!
Wear a tank top, some shorts, or a maxi dress with a slit! Wear something that is summery and shows off your body! I bet you'll look gorgeous! ;)

Friday: Comment On A Post Under #StylishSummer
We want to build a community within this challenge! Comment on one of my blog posts, or reply to someone's post under the #StylishSummer Challenge on Twitter or Instagram! Let's support each other, girls!

Saturday/Sunday: Treat Yourself!
Treat yourself to a new dress, a new makeup product, or even an ice cream cone! You absolutely deserve it, you gorgeous goddesses! 

I hope you guys have a great week, and definitely leave a comment below letting me know which challenge you're looking forward to the most! There's also going to be some vlogs going up this week (I believe) because I'm done with school and there's a lot going on! 

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