Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stylish Summer Week 5 Schedule

Hi guys! We're over half way through the Stylish Summer Challenge and I hope you've been loving it! As a special treat, there's a giveaway at the end of this post, so read all the way through!

Monday: Write 5 Things You're Proud of Accomplishing!
You guys have kicked ass these past four weeks, and you have a lot to be proud of! Make a list of five accomplishments, big or small, and share it on Social Media! Check my Facebook Page on Monday to see my list! 

Tuesday: Exercise with a Buddy!
You can go to a group fitness class or you can just go on a walk with a friend! Everything's better with a friend, and exercising together will re-inspire you and push you harder!

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Wednesday: Go Vegetarian for the Day!
There are so many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and you're going to feel them all today! Also, if you need a good recipe, you can check out some of my favorite juices here and an acai bowl recipe here! 

Thursday: Treat Yourself to a New Bikini!
You've been working so hard during this challenge, and it's time for you treat yo self! I recently got two new sets from Target that I'll be sharing on the blog sometime this week! Your new bikinis don't have to be fancy or expensive as long as you feel fabulous in it!

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Friday: Post Your #OOTN With #StylishSummer
When you go out on Friday night, snap a picture of your outfit! I bet you'll look fierce and fabulous! Post it with the hashtag #StylishSummer so I can see all of you beauties! I can even post some of your pics on the blog if you want me to :)

Saturday/Sunday: Try Contouring!
Contouring is a skill every girl should know! If you aren't already good at contouring, try practicing! I'll try post a contouring tutorial sometime this week for you guys!

So now... Here's the giveaway!
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