Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stylish Summer Week 2 Schedule

Get ready for week 2 of the Stylish Summer Challenge!
This week we're kicking things up a notch! I have a killer exercise move to share with you guys and I'm also sharing one of my favorite Acai Bowl recipes! We're also giving away a prize this week (info will be going up on Saturday!)

Monday: Write 5 Things You Want to Accomplish 

Last week, we wrote 5 things that we wanted to achieve, but this week we're writing 5 things we want to accomplish! These should be more tangible and things you can actually keep track of! For example, one of my things is doing the workout move of the week every single day!

Bonus! Your workout move comes out today! Click here to watch it!

Tuesday: Try Something New!

It is too easy to get stuck in a fitness rut! I'm challenging you to try something new! Go to a fitness class you've always wanted to try (spinning anyone?), run a new route, or use some youtube exercise routines!

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Wednesday: Make an Acai Bowl

Check out my youtube channel for a recipe for Acai bowls! These are a staple here in Hawaii, and will definitely put you into a summery mood! 

Thursday: Wear Some Sunglasses

Sunglasses are so important to wear because they protect your eyeballs from the harmful effects of the sun. They're also a really amazing statement piece, so that's awesome as well! Don't forget to post a pic on social media and hashtag #StylishSummer so we can see how amazing you look! 

Friday: Support the Group
We are all in this together! Share something with the group by using #StylishSummer on twitter or instagram! We're here for you, and I can't wait to get to know you all better!

Saturday/Sunday: Rock a Bold Lip

I am obsessed with bright lip colors for the summer and I challenge you guys to wear one! Orange has been my go-to lately, but reds and pinks are so much fun too!

We're also going to be doing a giveaway this week! The post with how to enter/what the prize is will be going up on Saturday, so come back here for that! Just a heads up though, you have to be registered for the challenge to be eligible for prizes, so go and do that right now! All you need is an email address (and a name) and it's 100% free! 

We are going to kick butt this week and I'm so excited to go through another week of challenges with you all!


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