Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My #StylishSummer Lists!

Hey everyone!
For the last three weeks I've asked you to make some lists as a part of the Stylish Summer challenge! If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you've seen these, but I thought that I'd share my personal lists with you guys! If you haven't already joined the challenge, click here!

Week 1
For week 1 we listed out everything that we wanted to accomplish. I wanted us to focus on the "big picture" in our lists, so most of these are hard to quantify and are super general!

Week 2
For week 2, I wanted us to get more specific! These are actual goals that I could focus on each week!

Week 3
This week I wanted you guys to write out your summer bucket list! Mines is soooo much longer than this, but this is the condensed version!

If you guys have done any of these lists, please tweet them to me, post them on my facebook wall, or email a picture of them to livelovemakeup14@gmail.com because I want to do a little collage of all of our gorgeous lists!

Also, you guys are doing incredible, and I have a little giveaway for you! It ends on Sunday and for all the deets you can read this post! 

Love you all, and you guys are KILLIN IT!

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