Friday, May 1, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hi guys!
I thought I'd do a Mother's Day Gift Guide because Mother's Day is on May 10th, so if you haven't started shopping yet, you gotta get on it! As usual, this collage is shopable, so you can click the image to be redirected to a website where you can buy the items!

Row 1: Bags!
I think that bags are such a wonderful gift! Especially if you know that your mother is lusting after a high end bag that they won't splurge on themselves! Plus, everyone uses bags and you really can't go wrong!

Rows 2 and 3: Cooking & Drinks
If your mom cooks a lot, row 2 could be really good! The Le Creuset pots are incredible, but are so expensive, so that would be a really lovely gift! Row 3 is perfect for anyone because a quirky glass or a nice cup is such a fun gift!

Rows 4 and 5: Beauty!
For my mom, I tend to go this route when buying her gifts! High end makeup is pretty expensive, but if you think there's a product that they'd really like, but won't spend the money on, it could be a really nice, luxurious gift. For Christmas I got my mom some Givenchy makeup and she loved it! If you need some particular brands, Dior, Tom Ford, YSL, and Hourglass all have extraordinary packaging and make beautiful gifts!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little gift guide! Let me know what you're getting your mom for Mother's Day in the comments below, and let me know if there's anything else you think I should add to this gift guide! Also, don't forget to join the Stylish Summer Challenge by clicking here!
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  1. Aw thanks for a great post - this will definitely help me get something special for my mom

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I absolutely love the first handbag! Is this Prada? (:
    Nati xx

  3. These are some really awesome ideas! My mom is obsessed with Siamese cats (as am I) and antiques so I got her a very special Siamese kitten figurine that was produced in the 1950s and highly collectible. Hopefully after Mother's Day you can reveal to us what you picked out for your mom this year!