Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Favorite Fruity Waters

Hi guys! 
How have you been enjoying the #StylishSummer Challenge? I've been loving your posts on social media, and all of the positive feedback I've been getting! Today's challenge is to drink (and make) some fruit infused water, so I thought I'd share two of my favorite ones with you! Also, if you didn't already see it, your week 1 schedule is already up here!

Pineapple + Strawberry
When I make my fruit infused water, I like it to be flavorful! Some fruits are way better to use than others, and pineapple is my all time favorite! If you let it sit for a while, it seriously tastes like juice even though it's mostly water! I love this combo because strawberry lemonade is one of my favorite drinks and this is just a little spin on it! You're still getting the acidity from the pineapple, but it's more tropical and delicious!

Green Tea + Strawberry

I know... another strawberry one... But I love strawberries especially in this combo because it works amazingly well with tea! I use just a basic, unsweetened green tea because the fruit you use will sweeten it up for you, and I don't let the tea brew too long so it doesn't get bitter and gross. I love this because it looks really cool and interesting and it also gives you a teensy caffeine boost!

Don't forget to go make yourself some fruit infused water and share them using the hashtag #StylishSummer! I'll be retweeting and reposting them throughout the day! Also, let me know what your favorite recipes are in the comments below because I'm obsessed with fruity waters and I'd love some new ideas!


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  1. These look gorgeous! I love the idea of strawberry and pineapple

    Katie xo // KTMY

  2. they're absolutely delicious and the strawberry pineapple one is amazing! You could even add mint to it, which tastes amazing too!

  3. thanks! they're soooo delicious :)

  4. Angela LandskronApr 29, 2015, 6:28:00 PM

    I will definitely be trying the pineapple and strawberry infused water!

  5. yay! let me know what you think of it once you try it out!

  6. Have you tried with apple slices, a cinnamon stick and honey? Way more autumnal than this, I know, but I can never resist some honey in my life ;)


  7. I have not, but that sounds delicious! thanks for sharing!!! <3

  8. Oooh pineapple and strawberries- yum!! Love infused water for summer time. :)


    Yours Truly, NY

  9. it's so delicious! and I'm obsessed with them during the summer too! <3