Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Using Shimmery Bronzers for Festival Season

Hi guys!
I am obsessed with bronzers, and I have my fair share of them in different shades and finishes. There is a misconception that there is no need for a shimmery bronzer in your collection as it can overpower your face and can't be used for contouring, but I am a HUGE fan of them during the spring and summer, especially during festival season! Here's how I like to use them and a few of my favorites!

My Favorite? Model Co Shimmering Bronzing Powder

Powder is by far the easiest to use because it's easy to sheer out and blend. You could take a touch of this on your cheekbones for a sunkissed highlighted effect, or you can take this all over your body for the best results. I like to take a big powder brush with this on my collarbones, down the front of my shins (this elongates and thins your legs too), and on my shoulders. This highlights my skin even more and can be used to draw attention to your favorite body parts. 


My Favorite? Stila One Step Bronze

For all of you girls with dry skin, creams are going to be your best friend! This one is a little less shimmery than the others, so I find that it can be used as a base underneath your face makeup sometimes. If you're not super into shimmer on your face, you can use it in the same way as the powder! The great thing about a cream, though, is that you can layer! Use a wet sponge to thin it out and create a sheer layer of color, or use your fingers to layer it on and build it up! 


My Favorite? MAC Body Oil (Limited Edition)

Oils are going to give you a lot of glitter, but minimal pigmentation. I would definitely not use this anywhere near your face, especially if you have acne prone skin or oily skin, because it can break you out. This is really great on your body, but I would only use a drop or two on a few spots. For example, do your shoulders or your legs, but don't do both or else you'll look like a disco ball! Oils really give you that dewy, luminous, wow factor, but are easy to go overboard on, so start slowly, and add more until you get your desired effect!

Festival season is upon us, and I hope that you guys will break out your shimmery bronzers and will give yourself a beautiful bronze goddess look for all of your festivities! Let me know if you use shimmery bronzers in your makeup routine in the comments below, and also share a few of your favorite picks! Don't forget to follow this blog to stay up to date on all of my posts!

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  1. These look amazing I like the MAC bronzer



  2. these are all incredible, and I can't wait for summer where I can use the MAC oil more often!

  3. These look beautiful! That MAC one is absolutely gorgeous! Great post :)

    Aliza from

  4. thanks! the MAC one is definitely one of my favorites!

  5. Festival season is basically here & these are perfect for Coachella to give you a bit of glow.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  6. Such a great post! The mac body oil looks amazing!

  7. that one's really great as a base or primer during the summer! It also isn't as shimmery as the others!

  8. thank you! it is absolutely amazing!