Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hollister Haul

Hey everyone!
My dad went to Los Angeles last week for his job, and while he was there he got to go to an outlet mall and do some shopping! We have Hollister stores in Hawaii, but we don't have any outlets, so I don't really shop there much (it's soooo expensive!) But he picked out a few things for me that I thought I'd share! I will be doing outfit posts when I wear these, so you'll know how they look on, but for now, here are some pictures of them!

First up is this long sleeve lace top. It's super cute, and I could see this being a really cool coverup during the summer! I really like how the front has that extra detailing at the neckline. It was on sale for $13 and was originally $40. 

This one is an extra small, but looks huge! I actually tried it on, and the way that it lies is really cute, but it shows a bit of cleavage, so it's not really school appropriate. I cut off the tags before I wrote down the prices, but I believe it was around $10 and was originally somewhere around $30. 

This is a cropped, gray sweater that is super soft and comfortable! It's been quite cold in Hawaii lately, so this has been perfect for wearing during the day! This was such a great deal because it was $10 and was originally $60. 

I put my phone in the pocket because when I didn't have it in there, you couldn't really tell that there's a pocket in this shirt! It's a loose fitting, semi-cropped long sleeve shirt. This is super cute, and I really like the fabric and print that this is because it's really comfortable and pretty! This was $15 I believe, and retailed for around $40. 

I already took some pictures of me wearing that last shirt, so those will be going up soon, but I promise to do outfit of the days with the rest of these shirts as well! Please follow this blog on bloglovin to stay up to date on all my new posts, and let me know in the comments if you like to shop at outlet malls!
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  1. Oooh, what a cool haul. I love your picks and the lace top is my fave <3 thanks for sharing...

    xo Brigette from

  2. thanks for reading! and I can't wait to wear the lace top!!

  3. Love the black lace top!

  4. Gorgeous tops - I especially love the blue! It is a stunning colour! xx