Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Posts!

Hey everyone!
There's not going to be any new Valentine's Day outfit or makeup posts from me this year (I tried to film a tutorial and it just wasn't working out that well), but I have a ton of old ones that I thought I'd re-share in case you're looking for some inspiration!

Neutral Valentine's Day Makeup
A barely-there look that is perfect for daytime and lets your inner goddess shine!

Bare Eyes and Bold Lips --> (in picture)
A bolder look that lets your inner vixen shine, while keeping the eyes subtle and natural!

Copper Eyes and Peachy Lips
A different way to play with warm tones without going for the hot pinks and reds!

Valentine's Outfit of the Day!
Just a super casual outfit, perfect for a brunch, lunch, or walk in a park!

Edgy Confetti Nails!
If you're not into the delicate pinks and girly pastels, this could be a great festive nail look for you!

The Valentine's Day TAG
Not a beauty or fashion related post, but something super entertaining to read!

Go and read those posts! I know there's a lot, but I was super into doing Valentine's tutorials two years ago, so most of these posts are from then! Let me know what you're doing for Valentine's Day (I'm traveling, so I'll be on a plane all day) and also let me know what kind of makeup/outfit you'll be doing!
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