Saturday, February 28, 2015

InstaNatural Essential Oils + How I Use Them

Hi guys!
As most of you know, InstaNatural often sends me skincare products to review on this blog or my youtube channel for you. Recently, they sent me two of their new Essential Oils to try. I got the lemon and mint one, but there's also a lavender one that I don't have. 

First off, these are huge bottles (4 ounces)! They will seriously last you forever. They have a dropper, and are in a large glass bottle. The lemon one is okay. It's not my favorite scent because it has a slightly medicinal quality. The mint one is really amazing, though! I love mint in general, and when you dilute this oil, it smells really great and fresh! These cost around $20, which is amazing for the amount of product you get!

Essential oils are not for everyone, but I really love them. There are a lot of different ways that you can use them, but here are my three favorites. 

1) Dry Diffusion
This means that you allow the oil to evaporate dryly. This could mean placing a few drops on a cotton ball or paper towel and leaving it in the room you want to fragrance. 

2) Water
If you're planning on using it to fragrance a bathroom or somewhere with standing water, you can place a few drops in there and it'll work. You can also put a few drops in hot water to get a steam effect, or in a bath if you want to absorb some of it. 

3) Topical
You can use a diluted version of this (just mix a drop with a different type of oil to dilute) as a topical treatment. You could use this for healing purposes or also for fragrance. Both work great!

Let me know in the comments if you use Essential Oils as a part of your routine and which scents you like the best! Also, you can click here to purchase the instanatural essential oils, and if you'd like to see all of my instanatural reviews, click here!
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