Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Save Money on Shoes & My Newest Pair!

Hi guys!
I wanted to share a quick tip about shoe shopping with you that can save you a boatload of money! I also wanted to share my new shoes with you because I'm in love with them! So first, let's talk about the tip!

It's shop in the kids section! It's kind of a bizarre tip, but one that actually works. I'm a size 6 in women's shoes and a size 3 in kids shoes and they both fit really well. I love shopping in the kids shoe section in Payless especially because the flats are always adorable, and usually are a lot cheaper than those in the adult section! I'd definitely check it out next time your shoe shopping because the selection of athletic shoes, boots, and flats are amazing (although if you're heel shopping, definitely go for the adult shoes)!

Now, here's the shoes I got!

They are silver, sparkly flats from the American Eagle brand at Payless. This is a part of the BOGO special, so I got it for $8! These were actually bought in the kids section (I used my own tip) and I'm so happy with them!

They are slightly gladiator style with the higher portion at the back by the heel, but the crossed straps are very ballerina and the sparkles make it very girly! I can't wait to wear these, and I feel like I'll be wearing these to work a lot!

Let me know in the comments how you save money on shoes, and don't forget to check out some of my links!

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  1. I love those - they're so cute! I'm and 8.5 so I can only sometimes wear kids shoes. But I have found that most places sell men's shoe's for less than women's, and a lot of athletic shoes and sneakers (including classic Chuck Taylors) are unisex, so you just have to know your mens' size. I've gotten my last two pairs of Chucks for about $15 each because they were in the men's section.

  2. awesome tip Megan! I've never thought about buying mens shoes, but it makes so much sense! I'll definitely have to try that tip out sometime! thanks for reading <3

  3. These sandals are so cute!!I love the sparkle

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  4. Oh man, If I had smaller feet I would totally shop in the kids section. I have huge feet and normally shop in the mens! I'm lucky though that a lot of my size generally end up in sales because most people have smaller feet :) xx

  5. me too! they look even better in person!

  6. yeah that's a huge perk of having larger feet! I rarely find things I like in the sale section!

  7. They remind me of a ballerina's shoes, super cute!! Great tip too. :)


    Yours Truly, NY