Friday, January 2, 2015

What I Got for Christmas!

Hey everyone!
I am on vacation as I'm writing this post (to see some pics of my vacay, click here), but I've seen a whole bunch of what I got for Christmas videos going up, and I thought I'd do the same thing, but in a blog post!

From my friends: Bracelets! Two bangles (one with a shell on it, and another with a pearl). I also got a Kate Spade bangle, which is super pretty! It's gold with a white stripe and gold dots!

From friends: Gift Cards! Victorias Secret and Sephora!

From my Grandparents: Diamond earrings! They have a white gold setting and are super cute!

From my parents: My Nikon D3200! I used it to take the pictures, but I got a camera bag, the camera body, the 18-55mm lens, and a 55-200mm lens!

From my mom: scented gel pens! These are super cute, and I love using colored pens to take notes!

From Santa: Cami Secret! haha this is a funny gift, but actually pretty useful! I'm definitely going to do a little review on this when I've tried it more!

My mom got this body shop soap as a gift, but gave it to me because she doesn't use it!

I also got this candle from my mom because someone gave it to her and she's not really a scent person!

And lastly, the background for all of these pictures, is really a super soft throw blanket that was my gift from another one of my friends! I also got some money from relatives and I'm still waiting for another present from one of my friends (I'll get it once I get back from my trip)! I hope you enjoyed this little what I got for christmas post and let me know what you got for christmas in the comments below!
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  1. You got amazing goodies!! I also received the same camera but from my parents two years ago!! :)


    Yours Truly, NY

  2. thanks Natalie! I love this camera! Holy cow everything looks amaze when I use it!

  3. I am so jealous that you got sephora and victoria secret gift cards! (:

  4. I was so stoked that I got them! Usually I get gift cards to places I don't go very often, but my friends know me well! :P

  5. Looks like you had a nice Christmas! You can't go wrong with jewelry and gift cards!

    Ivy xx

  6. Great stuff! Congrats on the new camera! YouTube has great tutorials