Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back on 2014

Happy 2015 everyone!
I hope everyone's new year is off to a good start, and that everyone partied it up big on New Year's Eve! As for me, I was on a plane all of new years eve, and crashed wayyyy before midnight, but it's all good! I wanted to do this post as sort of a farewell to 2014, hello to 2015, and just a general reflection on the year. I wasn't sure the best way to organize this post, but I think I'm going to do it chronologically!

January: January was rough. I was still cheerleading, and it was nearing the end of basketball season. My shoulder was bothering me during games and I usually made the call to sit out rather than attempt to cheer. There was a lot of general cattiness within the team about my injury, mostly people who thought I was faking it, and that sucked... January also marked my 1 year blogiversary, which was super exciting! 

February: February was just kind of a "there" month. The only super exciting thing was that I reached my 100 follower mark on bloglovin! That was crazy huge for me!

March: March was the month that I started to get all of my tests done. I had MRIs and xrays done on my shoulder, and I started to meet with my surgeon. This was, surprisingly, one of the better months for me because it felt great knowing exactly what was wrong with me! 

April: Another "there" month. 

May: I had AP exams, finals, and I finished Junior year of high school!

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June: I had my shoulder surgery, and started summer school! Shoulder surgery and the rehabilitation that followed was probably the lowest point for me during 2014 because it was a lot of work and pain, and it was physically and mentally just grueling for me. I was also in a huge ass sling for the whole month, which was just fabulous

July: Was still in summer school, still rehabbing my shoulder, just more of the same... Oh, and I was still in that darn sling.

August:  Finally ended summer school, and got out of that sling! I had my wisdom teeth taken out, which was just soooo painful, and I finished rehabilitation on my shoulder! It was also my 17th birthday, so I had a little party at my house, which was tons of fun! I also started school at the end of august, and that was super exciting because it was the start of senior year!

September: I threw myself into blogging more than ever, and reached my 200 follower mark! I started to form a different identity for myself at school because I was no longer cheerleading, and couldn't be known as "a cheerleader". 

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October: I got my first job! Halloween was incredibly exciting because me and my friends dressed up as sailors! There was also a halloween party at school that was really cool! I also submitted my college apps at the end of October, which was HUGE!

November: I started hearing back from a lot of my colleges (all acceptances)! Thanksgiving was great, and so much fun, but at the end of the month, I got the stomach flu, which made me the sickest I've been in years! 

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December: I heard back from even more colleges, and I went on winter break! I had an amazing Christmas, and had quite a few Christmas parties (click here to see them on my vlogmas)! On Christmas night, I left for Reno, and was there until the end of the year! Check out my instagram for more pictures of Reno!

This was one of the hardest years for me, but one of the most fulfilling! I started to feel like an actual adult, and I grew to be more independent than ever this year! 2014, you have been a roller coaster year, but you have also forced me to learn about myself, and grow in ways that I didn't know I could. 

To all of you reading this, thank you for being here for me this past year! Blogging is my hobby, it's my passion, and I am so thankful that you are able to be on this journey alongside me! I consider each and every one of you as friends, and I can't wait to see whats in store for my blog, and us in 2015!
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