Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fashion OBSESSION: Kate Spade Earrings

Hey everyone!
I usually don't do fashion posts like these, but I had to today! I've been crazy about Kate Spade jewelry lately after I received a Kate Spade bangle for Christmas. I've been lusting after some of their earrings, and I thought I'd share my favorites with you here! As usual, this is shopable, so click the images to buy!

I really love her square studs as you can tell! The whole bottom row consists of these really cool dotted earrings that have a confetti like look that's super cool! I especially love the middle one in the bottom row! I also love the first dangle earrings because the color is gorgeous (royal blue is my spirit color!) and it's a great statement piece! I also love some of the more duochrome type earrings in the middle row, and the circle one in the upper right is very mature and modern looking!

Let me know which of these earrings are your favorite in the comments, and I linked all of the items to the pictures, so you can click on it to be redirected to a shop page! I hope you enjoyed this post, and also let me know if you want more of these in the future!

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  1. My fave pair is the middle ones! But I like them all. Her pieces are all beautiful!

  2. These are so pretty! I like the baby blue ontop

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  3. that one's super pretty! my favorite is probably the greenish one (second row on the left!)