Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Anthropologie, what are you doing?

Hey everyone!
So something bizarre happened at work and I really, really wanted to share it with you guys! So here we go!

I was working on Saturday, and for those of you who don't know, I work in a small boutique in one of the malls. A couple of ladies walk in to the store, and start looking around. They're really nice and we're talking to them, and they appear to be normal customers. 

But they're not.

It turns out that they are the new managers of the Anthropologie store that's opening in February. That's all fine and dandy and we figured that they were just trying to size up to competition as the store I work in and Anthropologie cater to the same audience. 

I was wrong. 

They were trying to poach employees from the store! They literally came around to each of us that was working that day and told us to apply for them. Then they had the audacity to give the assistant manager, who was there the whole time, a flyer to interview, and tell her to tell all the store employees to interview for them. What the hell Anthropologie! I've honestly never seen or heard of any company doing that, and it is honestly the most dirty, classless thing that I've ever seen! Who even does that? It was kind of shocking that they had the audacity to try and pull that little stunt and it just makes me sick. 

So that's my little story and rant! If you work in retail, has this ever happened to you? It's just totally bizarre, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it! If you're wondering, I'm not going to interview for Anthropologie, and I think of the 13 girls that work at the store, only one is going to interview for them. 
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  1. When I worked at a retail store in the mall that actually happened with one of the new stores opening as well. When they left we all just looked at each other like, "really??"

    Ivy xx

  2. wow that's crazy! haha and we all had that same response too! (except that one co-worker that actually wants to work at Anthropologie lol)