Friday, December 5, 2014

My New Bag!

Hey everyone!
I have been eyeing a bag at my work for a while now, and finally bought it because I got 30% off as a part of my employee discount! It's a really cool three compartment black hobo bag!

So this is the front! It has these short handles on it, but it also comes with a longer handle that you can attach to it if you wanted to wear it lower on the body. 

This is the back! It has a small zippered pocket that I'm probably gonna keep my phone in when I use it!

So this picture makes the bag look really odd, but when you unbutton it, there's three different compartments. The two outside ones are just really deep compartments (with no pockets within it), and would be really good for organization. 

And this is the middle pocket! When you unzip it there's two pockets on one side, and a larger zippered one on the other. It's not as deep as the two other compartments, but would be great to hold more valuable items!

So that's my new bag! I can't wait to use it because I'm absolutely in love with it! I don't really know what the name or brand of the bag is, so I can't link it for you guys :( but I'll keep searching for it! Also, let me know if you'd be interested in a what's in my bag video once I start using it more!
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  1. It's so cute! I love the size and the style of it!

  2. thanks Ivy! I'm super happy with it!

  3. Love the bag! Looks like you can fit so much in it :) xx

  4. thanks Naomi! I love how it can fit a lot, but it's really organized too!

  5. Such a nice bag...its meant for Office