Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Bags

Hey everyone!
So this is going to be the second post in my Christmas Gift Guide series! To see the rest of the posts in this series, you can go to the right hand bar and click "gift guides" under the pages section! This one is going to be on handbags because I know they're a super popular gift because it's fashion, but you don't need to guess sizes like you would with normal clothes! As usual, this is shopable, so click on the bag to purchase it!

So when shopping for bags for someone else, always get a gift receipt! Bags are so personal, and it's better to have someone return it and get something they like than to be stuck with an unused bag for years! I like to go for very basic bags. So totes, satchels, and clutches. I wouldn't go for anything too hobo-esque or very large or very tiny just because those can be pretty hit or miss. I also like to go for neutrals in the browns, taupes, and grays, although depending on the person, you could go for a color! Just choose bags with accents that would match the person, so if your friend is "edgy" go for one with studs, or if someone is "classic" go for one with gold hardware and minimal accessories on it!

I hope that this helps you, and let me know in the comments if you've bought bags for someone and what your tips would be! The next post in the gift guide series will be on shopping for athletic people!


  1. I love the dark pink bag, so pretty!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. that ones really pretty, but my favorite would have to be the black and white kate spade one!

  3. great post, love these bags. im just so addicted to MK haha.
    would be a great christmas present :)
    you have a really nice blog, very inspiring and fashionable .
    check out my blog, maybe we can follow eachother?


  4. thanks Angela! and I just followed your blog using google friend connect! I'd love it if you followed me too <3