Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Athletes

Hi guys!
So this is my first gift guide post for a specific person! The other two were on shoes and bags, which you should totally check out as well, but this one is going to be a bit more specific! As usual, these are shopable, so click on the image to purchase it!

I have a few personal favorites on this collage. I love the whole bottom row because that tank top looks really cute and it's workout clothes that doesn't look like workout clothes, which is great for the lunchtime gym junkie! The second would be the pink fitbit flex. I have a flex and I wear it literally every single day and you can choose the band color to fit the person! I have a slate gray one, but I really want to get a teal one and a black one! I don't recommend going for shoes unless you know their size for sure, because they're really personal and can be a bit awkward to purchase because of size and fit. Normal clothes is good, I would just go higher end (like Lulu or Alo or Onzie) or bold with the colors so there's not too much overlap with what they'd already own. Lastly, fitbits are amazing! They came out with a few that have heart rate monitors, which I'm thinking about getting for myself, although I can't justify it quite yet as my Flex still works perfectly!

So those are my ideas for athletes! Just a final note, don't get this for someone that only occasionally works out or for an acquaintance because it can totally be taken in the "you should exercise more" way if it's to someone you don't know really well! My next gift guide will be on makeup, so come back to see that and leave ideas for future gift guide posts in the comments!