Friday, November 14, 2014

Starting a Blog Part 8: To Disqus or Not Disqus

Hi guys!
This is going to be the 8th post in my starting a blog series, and it's going to be more specific than some of my previous posts. I was in a blogger chat on twitter around a month ago and people were wondering about the pros and cons of disqus. For all of you that don't know, disqus is a widget that you can use to replace the normal blogger comment system and it's what I use on my blog! 


  • The interface is a lot nicer
    • I really enjoy the way that disqus looks because it's a lot cleaner looking than the normal blogger comments
  • You can generate revenue
    • Disqus has an optional setup where you can display ads at the bottom of your post or you can display some of your other posts. I use both!
  • It's easier for people who want to comment
    • People can choose whether or not they sign in, and they have the option of signing in with a disqus account, twitter, google plus and more!
  • Installation is super easy! 
    • I swear, it won't take you more than 10 minutes to do!
  • Moderation
    • You can choose what you want to moderate. There are options to moderate comments with links, all comments, anonymous comments, or no comments!
  • Analytics!
    • You can get analytics for your site including the amount of upvotes your comments get and the number of comments

  • The ads are bleh
    • the titles of the ads are okay, but some of the thumbnails are horrid! I'd definitely recommend just using links if you're going to advertise with it!
  • It takes a while to load
    • It is from a separate site, so loading can be somewhat of an issue...
  • It might not match your site well
    • I know on blogger you can choose the font for your comment section. On disqus you have a few choices, but not nearly as many as you would through blogger!
Overall, I love disqus! I use it on this blog, my lifestyle blog, and my sister's blog, and I wouldn't think about using anything else! I also know that it's what some larger blogs such as The Beauty Department uses! Let me know in the comments what you use for comments on your blog and if you think you'll check out disqus!

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