Saturday, November 8, 2014

Starting a Blog Part 7: What Social Platforms Bloggers Should Use

Hi guys!
I am definitely going to be posting more in this series because I have some video and blog post ideas for this starting a blog series! If you missed my last post in this series about making your blog shopable, click here, and if you want to see all my posts in this series, click here! So this post is going to be about the social media platforms that all bloggers should use!

So let's start off by talking about the platforms I use, and there are a ton! We have some of the basics, so facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, and instagram. I also use some less-known or less-used ones like google+ and wgwt.  I found some of these sites to be more helpful than others for driving traffic to your blog, and I thought that instead of telling you what to use, I'd do pros and cons for each!

Pros: literally everyone has a facebook, it's easy to use, the mobile app is very intuitive
Cons: it's difficult to gain "likes" on your page

Pros: it's easy to gain followers, you can connect with brands and bloggers easily, it's easy to integrate a widgit in your blog
Cons: the feed moves fast, so you need to post frequently, your tweets need to be 140 characters or less

Pros: you're around like-minded people, you pictures can be shared easily, conversions can be high (depending on the picture)
Cons: hard to get followers, unless you have a lot of followers, you won't get many conversions

Pros: makes it easy to share pictures
Cons: super difficult to get followers

Pros: picture sharing is really easy, promotes conversation within the comments
Cons: conversion rate is low (as they need to click through your bio)

Google +
Pros: followers are relatively easy (I have 75 and I don't use goolge plus that often), conversion is moderate
Cons: very few people use google plus

Pros: you can share your expertise with the world
Cons: you get practically no traffic from it

If you are going to use any of these, I'd say set up your blog so it automatically posts to google pus for you because google plus is relatively helpful and it involves no work from you. I'd also say use pinterest, especially if you have a blog with tons of pictures, twitter, and maybe facebook (if you have the time). 

Let me know what social platforms you use and if you're a blogger, let me know which platforms are the most helpful for you!

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