Saturday, November 29, 2014

One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit Review

Hey everyone!
Recently, Markwins sent me three makeup by one direction kits to review for you guys, and this is the first one that I'm reviewing! There's also a mascara set and a nail varnish set that I'll review very soon! I did an unboxing on all of these, so if you want to see some swatches and my initial thoughts, click here! 

So this kit comes with three different shades that I've taken pictures with on my lips! There is overlap with the lip glosses in the Looks kits, so just be aware of that, but these are super fun shades!

All of them are supposed to glow under blacklight, although I haven't tried that out myself, and all of them are highly shimmery. Like when you remove it, there will still be glitter flecks on your lips. This leaves for a slightly gritty texture, but all of them have a gorgeous finish! Now here's the individual reviews/swatches!

Through the Dark - Electric Glitter Poppy Lipgloss that Glows Red/Orange Under Blacklight

This is such a pretty shade, and it looks really great on! It's good by itself and it's also great for layering over reds and oranges! 

Kiss You - Orange Glitter Rush that Glows Yellow Under Blacklight

This looks insane in the tube, but it's really great on the lips because by itself, it gives the lips a nice peachy look! It could also be great layered over a pink, coral, or orange lipstick to make it pop!

Taken - Powerhouse Glitter Pink Lipgloss that Glows Orange Under Blacklight

This is very similar to the first lipgloss and I'm not quite sure that you'd need both. This one is a bit more cool toned and it glows differently under blacklight, but when it's on the lips, they both show up similarly. 

So overall I really like this set! The formula is a little funky because of the gritty feeling from the glitter, but it's not sticky, which is great! I would totally recommend getting this because for $16.50, it's a great deal! You could also split it up between three friends and that would be really cool too!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this set if you've tried it already, and you can purchase it by clicking here! Go and subscribe to this blog on bloglovin because lots of gift guides and reviews are coming your way soon!

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