Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Makeup Wishlist

Hi guys!
I thought that I'd do another wishlist type post because they're so fun for me to do, and they're really easy to write too! So here are 9 products on my wishlist!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I really want to get this hourglass lighting palette because I've heard a lot of other bloggers and vloggers raving about it (especially MakeupbyTiffanyD). 

Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Palette
This looks amazing! I love how the tones in this palette are an the cooler side because I find that cooler tones look awesome both day and night, while warmer tones can look a little weird if you apply a ton of it for a night look (at least on my skin!) It also seems great for traveling!

Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeshadow
I've heard mixed reviews on this eyeshadow, which is kind of a bummer, but the way that it looks when it's applied is fabulous! It's so shiny and metallic and seems perfect for the holiday season!

Urban Decay Vice 3
This palette looks amazing and since I missed out on both the original vice palette and the one they released last year, I definitely want to snag this one up!

NARS Audacious Lipstick
I've seen the swatches on all of these shades on Temptalia and I really want to go to sephora and check them out myself! Especially the reds and vampy shades!

Urban Decay Naked 2
I don't have any of the naked palettes (believe it or not) and this one is definitely the one I want to get! I love the mix of cool and warm and the packaging on this one seems a lot better than Naked 1!

Tom Ford Lip and Nail Box
This is super expensive, but if I had the money to buy it, I definitely would! 

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle
The YSL lipsticks look so luxurious from the formula to the packaging, and it seems amazing! 

Anastasia Tammana Palette
I know Anastasia is usually known for brow products, but the shades in this palette seem interesting and the price is pretty good too!

So that's what's on my makeup wishlist! Let me know your thoughts on any of these products if you've tried them, or let me know what's on your makeup wishlist!


  1. IWow those are so beautiful!! Wish I owned them all!! Every girls dream 😍

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. me too! I wish I was rich so I could just buy everything!

  3. HAHA The things we could buy Sisi if we had the money!!

  4. I have my eye on some Nars Audacious lipsticks too!

  5. I love making wishlists, but it's weird - after I make them the products aren't on my mind that much. It's some kind of "online window shopping". Unfortunately, wishlist don't work for makeup - as in to stop me from wanting them. If I have a product on my mind I will think about it until I get it. It's an obsession.

    Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/

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  6. I want pretty much everything on your wishlist! Gahhh! If only my bank account was big enough haha. All the palettes look so nice! :)


    Truly, NY

  7. I know, right! Hopefully I'll get some as christmas presents this year :P

  8. what shades are you thinking about?

  9. haha me too! I'm especially obsessed with the vice 3 right now!

  10. Natalie & Brigitte!

  11. those are gorgeous! I've been eyeing audrey and charlotte :D