Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hola amigos! 
Este entrada es un poco extraña para mi porque usualmente, yo escribo en ingles. Yo quiero mejorar mi español porque yo he tomado español en mi escuela por cuatro años, pero no puedo escribir o hablar bien. Se que muchos de mis lectores no leen o hablar español, pero quiero escribir en español más en este blog y mi twitter. Las entradas que escribo en español serán sin importancia porque no quiero mis lectores ingleses a perder información importante. Eso es todo! Si tienes un sugerencia, por favor dejarlas en un comentario. También, por favor digame si hago errores en mi escritura porque yo puedo mejorar!

English translation: 
This post is a bit strange for me because I usually write in english. I want to improve my spanish because I have taken spanish at my school for four year, but I am not able to write or speak well. I know that many of my readers do not read or speak spanish, but I want to write in spanish more on this blog and my twitter. The posts that I will write in spanish will be unimportant because I don't want the my english readers to miss important information! So that's it! If you have suggestions, please leave them in a comment. Also, let me know if I make errors in my writing because I want to improve!


  1. Hehe I can only speak two languages went for french lessons but they can be really expensive

    Au Revoir

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. that's really cool! I'd love to try learn french one day, but people have told me that it's a hard language to learn!

  3. Hello beautiful, what a great thing to do. Bravo! I started my blog to improve my English, Spanish is my first language so if you need any help don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck!

  4. thank you Eli! Your english is really good and I had no idea that it was your second language! I'll definitely let you know if I need help (which I probably will)!!!