Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 9 Fall Scarves!

Hey guys!
I've been doing lots of top 9 posts, and this one is going to be all about scarves! I actually never wear scarves because it never gets cold enough in Hawaii to wear one, but the ones that I picked out are absolutely cute and wonderful!

So my personal favorites are the purple ombre scarf, the knit infinity scarf, and any of the plaid or printed ones! Let me know which scarves are your favorites in the comments, also all of these are shopable, so you can click on the image to be redirected to purchase! ...And don't forget, you can always shop y favorite things in the "shop" section of the blog!


  1. I have always loved the plaid scarves, they're just so cute! So I absolutely love the bottom left one.

  2. me too! I think plaid is just the epitome of fall!