Saturday, October 4, 2014

Starting a Blog Part 6: Making it Shopable

Hey guys!
I have to be honest with you... my blog wasn't shopable until I got a request to do this post... It seems crazy to me that it wasn't, because it's so easy and it is just another great way to monetize your blog! I did some research and these are some websites that might be able to help you!

This is what I use, and also what Elle Fowler uses on her blog. It's great because it has a little widget on the website that lets you pick the layout of the pictures! You also get to see a bit of analytics with the website, but the best part is that anyone can join! It also pays per click and although shopsense doesn't disclose how much you make per click, I've heard from other bloggers that it usually starts at 5 cents per click then after a few months drops to 3 cents per click. 

This is a bit trickier because you need to be approved in order to start using the site and because I have never used it, I can't tell you what criteria they are looking for. I believe its the same style as shopsense in the sense that you can put your pictures in a grid-like format, and you get paid, but I'm not quite sure about the logistics of it all. I don't know if you get paid commission, impression, or per click, so sorry! For reference, Makeup by TiffanyD uses RewardStyle on her blog!

Amazon can be used to make your blog shopable, and if you're already using amazon affiliate links it could be smart to maximize your income from that one source, but at the same time they have "uglier" pictures than the other sites and the layout doesn't look nearly as clean when you use this! Amazon pays a commission per purchase. 

So I hope this was helpful! I'll be sure to update this when I find more websites that can make you blog shopable! Also, don't forget to leave a comment below with suggestions for other Starting a Blog posts because I love researching these things and I think that they can be super helpful for you guys!

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